The world has an ample number of options for you when it comes to fashion. From gold to silver, from gemstone beads to natural stone beads, every type of jewellery is presented to you in the market. Talking about gemstones, we all have worn them, adorned them and loved them. But do you know everything about your favourite gemstones? Here in this article we have compiled everything from colour to worth of various bulk gemstone beads.

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You might already know that diamond is the hardest gem on this planet. But, have you ever thought which gem is known to be the second hardest? It is none other than a piece of sapphire. Generally, people visualize sapphire as something darker in shade than the magnificent sky. Although this is not always the case. Sapphire also comes in other vibrant colours such as purple, green, pink as well as orange. We all are quite fond of blue sapphires. But surprisingly, they are not sourced from India.The prevailing demand of these bulk gemstones are met mostly by Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The worth of a blue sapphire is determined on the basis of its intense shade. The darker ones are likely to burn bigger holes in your pockets.

Witnessing a piece of purple sapphire is a delight for your eyes. These are precious, and valuable.  If you wish to discover a mesmerizing piece of this sapphire on the mother earth, you should explore the regions of Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Yellow sapphires offer you a lighter shade and tone of these stones. This piece of gem is mined in specific countries like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Australia.

A divine blend of pink and orange colored sapphire is termed as Padparadscha. Again, these unique stones are mostly found in Sri Lanka.

There is no denying to the fact that blue sapphires are one of the most sought-after gemstone in bulk in the market. While you are exercising a purchase decision, you should pay attention to the hue and tone of the blue. There is no way better than the natural daylight to assess the original color of these stones. Make sure that you get your hands on an authentic piece of sapphire.


Besides sapphire, ruby is also labeled as the second rigidest gem on the Mohs scale. The reason is quite obvious as these gemstones are varieties of corundum. Red corundum is referred as Ruby whereas a sapphire is composed of other colour combinations of corundum.

The rarest of rare ruby is a pure red with a tinge of blue. Because of its rarity factor, this type of ruby is one amongst the most expensive gemstones. Colour of the stone is an important aspect in determining the value of a ruby. Like other wholesale gemstone beads, inclusions are evident in a piece of ruby. But such inclusions do not always signify either impurity or deteriorating quality. Many people assume that a stone’s clarity is as essential as the stone itself. But surprisingly, it does not have that much significance.


Aquamarine belongs to the beryl group. Known widely for its bluish green color, aquamarine is hard and lustrous. These stones are subject to intense heat treatment to obtain the intended color saturation. Brazil accounts for the majority of the world’s aquamarine. United States is also a huge source of Aquamarine.

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